Why Tweet

"Why Tweet?"




Twitter in Education

10 Things Teachers Should Know  Nice Overview 
Google Doc on Ways to Use Twitter in Classroom  Ideas for the Twitter Classroom
100 Ways to Teacher with Twitter 
Many Resources for Teaching with Twitter
Resources for Beginning to Learn About Twitter
@LarryFerlazzo's Best Resources List
Great Directory for Finding Teachers on Twitter
How to Become a Twitter Teacher Steps to Becoming a Twitter Teacher
Using Twitter in Edu Resources
Good List of Resources from Dr Z
Finding Teachers on Twitter A Few Steps to Finding Teachers on Tweet


Some Useful Twitter Tools & Resources

100 Tips and Apps 
Great List of Tips, Apps and Reources - All Things Twitter
100 Tools for Twittering Teacher Another Great List of Tools for Twitter
Quick Start Guide
Nice Guide to Using Twitter from Simplek-12.com
Twitter Guide
Complete Guide to Twitter  from MakeUseof.com
List of Resources
 Tips, Tools and Resources
Twitter Guidebook
Guide for Using twitter from Mashable.com
Tweetdeck My Favorite Tool for Managing Twitter