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What is "Twitter"? 

So what is this "twitter" all about?


Introduction to Twitter


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"Why do you love twitter?" @problogger asked.


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It's not just "What are you doing?"

Twitter is a place for:

  • testimonials 
  • distribution of information 
  • conversations

(from Laurel Papworth at http://laurelpapworth.com/new-on-twitter-tips-and-hints/ ) 


I think Twitter deserves a look http://wsfcsintouch.blogspot.com/2009/06/why-twitter-deserves-your-attention.html

  • value in real-time interaction and networking 
  • huge potential for expanding the walls of classrooms 


Twitter, like any other tool, is what you make it by how you use it and who you choose to follow. 




Who you follow is more important than who is following you.


http://wefollow.com/ a useful directory 


This has become a significant part of my Personal Learning Network




RT @ 

Why retweet? Retweeting   

CNN on retweeting  



Twitter in the classroom??

Embracing Twitter in Classroom May 2009

Ideas for use in education

Teaching with Twitter

Twitter4Teachers wiki

twitter in classroom 23 interesting ways to use twitter in the classroom

More ideas for Twitter in classroom from wikihow

Edmodo private microblogging for classrooms



Issues, Concerns 

Author uses twitter to trash critic. 

BBC article on teacher twitter misuse


Additional Resources:

Tips for Twitter New to Twitter? Tips and Hints
PCMag's Twiiter Tips Top 10 Tips for Beginners
search.twitter.com  real-time search on twitter  
How to Twitter in 10 steps  video tutorial 
Useful on Twitter  10 Ways to be Useful  
finding teachers on Twitter blog post on growing twitter group
Twitter Resources
 100 tools and resources for twitter 
Twitter in high ed classroom tips for use in college class
Twitter Guidebook
guidebook for using twitter from Mashable.com
using hashtags  twitter hashtags 
How to become a Twitter Teacher  in 23 steps or less 
twittorati.com tracking popular tweets





If Twitter community was 100 people...



Twitter in Real Life 


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